Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Idle Inanity

Boredom. B-o-r-e-d-o-m. This is a word that at one time or another, everyone understands quite well here in beautiful Lilongwe. As gorgeous and new the surroundings are to me...by my 5th day, i hadnt yet started work (which definitely improved situations since i had some human interaction), and i was completely dependent on my uncle for rides and he worked full time. SO. i was left to my own devices. I was warned before i went to Lilongwe. But i didnt mind because i was there to experience new cultures and landscapes, not experience night life. but i was beginning to think that i would miss the choice of NOT wanting to go out...the choice of going out to a movie theatre just because. Even the locals would nod quickly in sympathetic understanding as soon as someone so much as mentioned the word boredom. But i have somewhat embraced boredom. you see, it is the kind of word that one can base social interactions and forms instant bonds of friendship. In fact, boredom forms the beginnings of many creative outlets. How then can one develop inane bouts of creativity, without idleness? Aside from the cerebral cortex being activated, boredom can also be the start of friendships. For instance, sitting in my uncle's office (before i started work 2 weeks later), with no good reason for being there other than an attempt to get out of the house, people walk by and slow down when the glimpse a new face. They look bored. after some walking back and forth, they finally decide to come in and rescue me from getting dizzy from twirling in the chair like a child. Before long, we are engaged in deep, meaningful conversations such as...their deep desire to buy neutragena products...or that shampoo they cant for the life of them find here in Lilongwe. boredom is not so bad. well, i better go now. the birds outside my uncle's office are making a different sound.


Blogger Helenism said...

lol! the bird making a different sound...so funny... :)

hey I called you a few times, no answer and I think I woke up your uncle again... :(

calling now! h.

9:50 AM  

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