Monday, May 22, 2006

More of Salima and the Lake

i was kinda surprised that the lake was such a beachy resort type...i expected a bit of roughness...but it was tame and touristy...has some restaurants here with good food...chambo is a national fish dish here...often served with the staple nzima. yummy.
soaking up the sun
"bike load" - imagine walking with this load for miles upon miles...this is something i see fact, some people carry these types of loads on their heads and walk for miles...women included...and i used to complain walking home with 2 bags of groceries...tsk tsk.

Talk about a gorgeous view...this picture i took while we were driving through Salima...a town about an hour East of Lilongwe...i saw some homes and villages dotted periodically throughout the countryside...imagine living with a view like that.
This is a Mosque in Salima...i had to stop and take pictures of the building...absolutely love this buidling...i didnt get a chance to visit of these days...
Often, you will see many people selling anything from food to furniture...we stopped along side a road on our way back to buy some fresh fish and fruits...i like this lively...


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