Monday, May 15, 2006

Tea in Amsterdam

I arrived in Amsterdam, completely exhausted and contemplating my next stopover to Nairobi, then to Lusaka, then finally Lilongwe Malawi. A 2 day trip (due to a long stopover in Amsterdam) from Toronto, Canada. After a few hours, and many cups of caffeine later...I finally shook the jet-lag off and hopped on a train into the city centre. Amsterdam was beautiful...nice architecture...and the hundreds of bicycles are a sight to behold. After much walking, i finally decided to sit down at a cute little cafe and have another cup of tea. I sat and watched the passerbys and wondered what I was getting myself into - journying to a part of the world I had not set foot in in about 20 years - Africa. My search for new experiences and career opportunities in this region had me double checking my decisions. But as someone once said to me very recently...just get on the bus. Anyway, I digress. I sat and drank tea. Such a simple thing. There i was...away from home for an indefinite amount of time...and doing something that i had envisioned with such muted hunger that i can only wonder where it came from. As i finished my soothing cup of tea, i acknowledged that i'm not entirely clear as to what that jumbled vision was...but i knew it was just the beginning of something. Anyway, see above for some pictures i managed to take....


Blogger Helenism said...

Sophie- I'm so excited to have you as my blogger-friend now. It's like we're friends in two worlds; occupying two spaces simulteanously, physical and virtual. Indeed we have no bounds!

I remember this day you left clearly. I kept calculating the time in my mind and trying to guess your destination and what you were doing. Tea in Amsterdam sounds refreshing- land of the million bicycles. Isn't it crazy? You suddenly feel very unequipped.

5:37 AM  

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