Sunday, July 02, 2006

Settling in...

I'm finally starting to settle in Malawi. I'll tell you one thing though. Malawi is not for those without purpose. it's not for those without jobs. if it was not for my work, i would be...dont know what i would be but it wouldnt be a good thing. There is a serious lack of entertainment spots. i miss...i miss having the choice of NOT going to movie night. I miss...sitting in a cozy coffee shop and talking for hours about nothing with my girls. just when i was starting to convince myself that i have to give up these past-times, i was invited to a theatre spot in Lilongwe - MadSoc Theatres? - and we saw in interesting satirical play about the government's relationship with the development community. ha. no, that really was a genuine laugh - being part of the development community, i was indeed able to see the funny (but unfortunate) satire in the play. so, it's a matter of actively seeking out those entertainment spots people. if you're not the social type, forget it, you're lost. people have parties here like there is no tomorrow. you will see retirees dancing at a home party past midnight. there are a few clubs and such for those who like to dance outside of their homes, but still have to visit these spots myself. also, if you are willing to travel 1 to 3 hours outside of the city, the abundance of outdoor activities are something to experience. next week, me and 3 other girls are going to drive 4-5 hours north of here to go diving (Nkhata Bay)...will let you know how that goes...i'm very excited!


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